A Few Words About Transylvania

Transylvania is the most famous part of Romania, conjuring up images of haunted forests and werewolves, medieval towns, vampires, dramatic mountains and turreted cliff-top castles.

Transylvania has splendid mountain scenery and alpine peaks and some of the country's best hiking and skiing and rural villages. Historic towns are scattered throughout the region, with their stone medieval streets, defensive towers and fortified churches. The charming town of Sighisoara is the most striking introduction to Transylvania, the birthplace of 'Dracula' (a medieval prince, Vlad Tepes, who led the Romanian resistance against the Turks), along with the impressive castles and churches of Brasov and Sinaia, and the dramatic castle at Bran, also known as Dracula's Castle, that looks every bit a vampire's lair with its soaring turrets and dramatic setting. Transylvania has for sure a medieval charm with it´s lively food markets, quaint cobbled streets, and hilly pastures nestled among the Carpathian Mountains.

And this astonishing lansdcape with such a great history is the cradle of Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the whole world.

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